Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stuck in Time

"Hey, Jan, saw your show on Discover ID last week," the horn teacher at the music store where I teach voice told me.

In 1993, I told a local county detective where to find a missing killer. As a result of that case, I was featured on Psychic Witness, a Circle of Enemies in 2006. When the producer of the show first called me, I was hesitant to expose my abilities. For all my life, I kept my pro bono psychic work a secret. Even with cops, I used only my middle name, Helen.

When it was time for my show to air in 2006, I did a big publicity drive...newspapers, television news, local magazines. I opened up to my friends, who then laughed. They thought I was making it all up. They thought they knew me.

I didn't tell them because I was scared. Very little frightens me, but the thought of hurt for my children puts me in a spin. Would they be ridiculed? Would they suddenly have new friends who wanted their fortunes told? Would I lose music students and not be able to support all three of us?

My worries dissolved with the advent of the show. My teenagers' lives didn't change and mine changed only a little. I was 54 and well equiped to handle a bit of fame.

Here's the best part of Psychic Witness reruns. I am perpetually 54. Like Mayberry and The Beverly Hillbillies, I am stuck in time. This is a NO CHANGE I enjoy.

Readers: Any NO CHANGE situations you want to share?


  1. Hey Jan, Do you know when you'll be on next? The kids and I would like to tune in.

  2. It's been running each week in December, in the evening or the middle of the night on ID (Discover). I never know when they will run the show. We can't find a schedule anywhere!

    Thanks for your support.

  3. The show can be found on Netflix Instant. It's an episode in a special called Paranormal something. Just have to do a search for it using the word "paranormal."