Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Psychic Has a Psychic?

I quote my personal psychic often. When I do, people react with shock. "YOU have a psychic?"

If I want to be irreverant, I say, "A fox can't smell her own hole." If I want to be professional, I ask them, "Do you know how you walk? Can you see the back of your head without a mirror?"

Every day, sometimes five times a day, I read my tarot cards. Sometimes it is to calm an anxious thought, other times I actually wonder what will happen to me that day. Many times that I read, my desires get in the way of my intuitive clarity. The Tower means a sudden change, and if I were reading for another person, I could tell if it seemed negative. For myself, I cannot "know" or "see" with the same abilities I manifest with others.

My own psychic soothes me. She sees work issues in advance and helps me generate ideas to solve them. She give me info to prevent arguments with friends and relatives. Her practical direction fills me with energy.

When you talk, your voice sounds different in your head compared to how it sounds when taped. It is the same for intuition. The added help and another person's perspective make my life easier.