Saturday, December 31, 2016

Observers Use Intuition

I had a terrible cold for nine days, and when I spoke, I coughed. So I decided not to talk during the social events of the Christmas holidays. Instead, I observed.

One lunch involved a six month old baby, who like me, watched everything that was happening in the restaurant. Her intuition kicked in right before mine. She was the first of us to spot the person at the next table who acted like babies had no right to be there, and she reacted with a tightening of her entire body. When she spotted the man who looked like he wore clown clothes, she was the first to laugh.
All my life I’ve been an entertainer, so I often try to be funny at gatherings. With my cold, I had to listen and watch. The women at a small New Year’s Eve party accepted me as I laughed and nodded, and I observed close friendships and warmth.
Intuition is reception, which can formulate a deeper knowledge of other people. Gifts bubble below the surface of life, so take time to observe and explore the inner workings of the world.