Monday, June 10, 2013

Fly the Nest

My youngest child finished college and a week ago he packed his car to leave for Boston and his new job.  For 10 days before he left I made glorious brunches and relished our last extended time together.  We shared 22 years of wonder and hard work.

As he checked his room one last time I could feel his happiness pulse.  Instead of giant sobs, I wore Mardi Gras necklaces, blew New Year's noisemakers and toasted him with cacophony.  My prize was a grin as wide as his face.

Today two baby birds nest on my front porch.  One of their siblings flapped its wings and ended up on the grass yesterday.  I see their struggles as they fly the nest and I watch their momma's gentle nudges to get them to go.  As I see them change, I find peace in the acceptance that my son and I will too. 

I love change but this one makes me feel as if I were riding a roller coaster...the highest tallest coaster.  I could curl up and howl, but crying makes wrinkles.  Instead I will celebrate this intense freedom after 30 years of parenting. 

My mini words of wisdom are to pay attention to changes, try not to fight and embrace. 

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