Saturday, January 21, 2012

Playing Music and the Psychic Float

People like to ask how I do my psychic work. I sometimes call it my psychic float, which means I drift to another place in my mind, almost another dimension. Today I realized it is a bit like playing music.

As many of you know, my Mommy died last August. Holidays are hard right after you lose a loved one, so on New Year's Eve I promised myself a prize. First I made a bucket list of things of what I can do in my 60's that I might not be able to do in my 70's, and on that list was to play music as a solo act (should I call myself One Band Jan?). I bought a new keyboard and speakers and a mixer, and now I spend a lot of time with practice and song selection.

Singing is right brained and piano is left brained. It's quite difficult to do them at the same time. but it does strengthen the connections between both sides of the brain. My psychic work is the same. I use my right brain, my intuition, to float to a place of concentration, but my advice to clients and friends need to be carefully chosen, which is left brained.

I believe each of you has a similar story. Try to notice when you float to another zone to think creatively. Make use of your best gifts.

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