Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Am I a Medium? Are You One?

I keep wondering, am I really a medium? The word makes me feel I should be doing seances in dark rooms with exotic people. I still do hear dead people, but I heard way more of them when I was immersed in helping solve murder cases.

A study at Durham University says that people who become deeply immersed in mental tasks and activities are more likely to claim they can communicate with the decreased, with only 44% hearing voices on a daily basis. Clairaudient, they are called, and most heard voices in early life. I certainly did, and it’s why I was a fearful child who rarely spoke. With no outlet or support, I figured my practical nurse mom would call them imaginings and my engineer dad would say, nonsense.

Many mediums hear voices inside their heads, and others experienced voices coming from both inside and outside their head. Mine come both ways, sometimes with various voices, but more often one strong, male voice. I seldom talk about it when it happens. It was private for just too many years.

Dominic Albanese, a poet pal, says he hears his dead mom and friend’s voices in the wind and in the shower. He claims it’s rare that he talks back, but sometimes he does. I seldom talk to dead people, but in my career, I pass on their advice and secrets to loved ones.

Here’s the good news about the study. The team found no significant link between belief in the paranormal and proneness to hallucinations. Whew.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Quick Guide to Palms: Heart, Head, & Life Lines

On your palm, there are three main lines going horizontally. The top one is the Heart Line. Curved means you’re sensitive, straight is direct. Darker is emotional and impulsive, while pale means you need reassurance. Any chains you see represent a broken heart.

If that line is close to your fingers, you have spiritual love. If it’s low, your emotions are tempered by reason. I have a narrow space between this heart line and the next one down, which is the head line. Narrow means introverted. If you have a wide space, you’re extroverted.

The middle line is the Head Line. Strong means a powerful mentality, while a thin line represents daydreaming and difficulty with decisions. Mine is long, meaning I have lots of interests. A short line represents specialists. My Head Line is curved, which signifies a creative communicator. A straight line is someone analytical with good concentration. At the end of that line, two lines fork off, which means I’m a writer.

The bottom of those three lines is the Life Line, a line of health and energy. If it’s prominent, then physical activities are more important to you than intellectual. If you have a broken line, your constitution is delicate or you had an accident. A wide semi-circle is a zest for life.

Branches up from your Life Line are successes, children, or relationships. A fork at the end of your life line means lots of travelling, or that your life can alter dramatically. A double, parallel line represents protection against illnesses or a long-term mate.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Pageant Loser and Winner

People ask me all the time if I inherited my psychic abilities. I tell them my great, great grandmother was born with a veil, when the caul, which is part of the birth membrane, covered her face. It happens in 1 in 80,000 births and predicts psychic powers. Here’s one story I tell about my mother.

When I was eighteen, she insisted I enter the Miss Lebanon Valley Pageant, a precursor to Miss America. It’s a scholarship pageant, she said to my protests, so I pictured it in my mind. A talent portion, oh I loved to sing, and a swimsuit promenade into the audience. That put me into a panic since I had few curves at 5’7” and 110 pounds. It felt like a lost cause.

There were ten of us. After a short practice, a good luck telegram arrived from my gal pals, who I had begged not to come because I knew it was hopeless. Then the show. The top five pageant winners were called forward. I got held back, and willed time to pass quickly. After the pageant, one of the judges whispered that I had the best talent. I fed my humiliation with the thought.

That summer, Dad came home covered in joy. State Senator Clarence Manbeck, who provided the college scholarship, said none of the girls ahead of me wanted to attend. I had won two free years at Penn State.

Mom predicted a path I couldn’t see on my own. From a loser, I turned into a winner. You just never know. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Difficulties, Symbols, & Astrological Signs

I wrote about the positive qualities of astrological signs in a past blog. Here are some difficulties and what each sign symbolizes.

Aries, the Ram, a fire sign. Can be impulsive, and rams against things until they succeed. Aries symbolizes sacrifice and represents the head and brains.

Taurus, the Bull, an earth sign. Sometimes obstinate and lacks reason. Taurus symbolizes procreation and represents the ears, neck and throat.                     

Gemini, the Twins, an air sign. Can be restless, shallow, and uses double talk. Gemini symbolizes unity and represents the hands and arms.    

Cancer, the Crab, a water sign. Sometimes moody or melancholy and can take ten years to make a decision. Cancer symbolizes tenacity for life and represents the vital organs.

Leo, the lion, a fire sign. Can be haughty or arrogant. Leo symbolizes strength and represents the heart.       

Virgo is the Virgin, an earth sign. Sometimes cranky, timid, or pessimistic. Virgo symbolizes chastity and represents the solar plexus.   

Libra, the scales, an air sign. Can procrastinate, argue, be pleasure-seeking. Libra symbolizes justice and represents the loins.

Scorpio, the scorpion, a water sign. Sometimes suspicious, ruthless, or can seek revenge. Scorpio symbolizes deceit and represents procreation.     

Sagittarius, the archer, is a fire sign. Can be reckless with emotional confusion, and have a lack of tact. Sagittarius symbolizes authority and represents the thighs.  

Capricorn, the goat, is an earth sign. Sometimes rigid or lonely, with ruthless ambition. Capricorn symbolizes sin and represents the knees.      

Aquarius, the water bearer, is an air sign. Can be eccentric, neurotic, or detached. Aquarius symbolizes judgement and represents the legs.  

Pisces is the fish, a water sign. Sometimes timid or apprehensive. Pisces symbolizes the flood and represents the feet. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Playing Music and Intuition

When you’re young, it can be hard to see how one job and the next can form a career trajectory, but they often fit like hard-to-find puzzle pieces. Last weekend, after my gig at a winery with two young men, a talented drummer and an excellent guitarist, I saw the connections between intuition and music.

To play music, you have to let go of your physical plant, open your emotions, and feel the vibe. The beat in music is like your heartbeat. To become more intuitive, you have to narrow your focus to the small beat of your heart. It’s an openness to the world, and a way to feel vibes from someone other than yourself.

Both music and intuition have a healing potential to the audience. Intuitive connections between people and events can’t be explained any more than the connection between a music performer and the audience, yet it is real and profound.

Bruce Lee, the martial artist, sums it up. Be like water. Be fluid, responsive to the situation, alive and present. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Palm Shapes, Mounts, Moons, and Fingers

Do you have a square or a long palm, and short or long fingers? The following information might even match your astrological sign. A square palm with short fingers is an Earth hand, like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. You’re practical, conventional, and impatient. A square palm with long fingers is an Air hand, like Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. You’re restless, need intellectual stimulus, and like variety. A long palm with short fingers is a Fire hand, like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. You’re happy-go-lucky, a leader, and out-going. A long palm with long fingers is a Water hand, like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. You’re sensitive, creative, intuitive, and emotional.

Now look at your mounts, the pads of flesh at the base of your fingers. Look under the 2, which is the pointer. If it’s rounded, you’re confident. If it towers, you’re bossy. Under the 3 is best if it’s the least developed, because large means gloomy. Under your 4, or ring finger, if it’s rounded, then you like the arts. Under the 5, if it’s rounded, you’re a good communicator. If the padding at the bottom of your thumb is lean, you have delicate health. If it’s padded, you have good health.

Examine your thumbs, from the front. Pointed is impulsive, a spatula shape is adventurous, square is practical, and conic is creative. If you look at it from the side, a thin tip is insight while a bulbous tip signifies aggressive.

Look at your nails. Half-moons mean you exercise, while very large half-moons can mean heart trouble. White flecks are shocks to the nervous system.

Examine your fingers. If your 3 finger is the longest, you have willpower. If your 5 is long, you communicate well. If that baby finger is short, you’re insecure but shhh, no one knows. If you wear a ring on your 2, you want to boost your confidence.

Open your thumb. If you have a big gap, you’re generous and impulsive. A small gap means cautious. When you spread your fingers, if you have a big gap between your 2 & 3, you are often self-employed.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Worry Stones, Amulets, & Talismans

When I gave a friend who has health problems one of my two worry stones, I realized I also use stones on my jewelry for that purpose. Worry stones, also known as amulets or talismans, date back to ancient Greece, the bogs of Ireland and North American tribes.

Through acupressure, if you rub the smooth stones in your fingers or palms, it stimulates nerve endings, releases endorphins, and creates a calming effect. The Tibetans rubbed them in between thumb and forefinger while chanting mantras. To the Irish, they provided freedom from worry and good luck. In the 1970s, worry stones because popular to relieve stress and anxiety.

My grandmother Helen’s generation called them worry stones. I don’t remember her talking about the occult or the evil eye, but many believe they work to protect. After my grandma died, my mother gave me her scarab bracelet. I’d rub my fingers over the stones until the sad day I lost it. Forty years ago, I found a gold scarab necklace in a second hand store, and I use it to calm me. My mother often rolled her scarab bracelets back and forth with the fingers of her other hand.

Amulets can be man-made, like a lucky penny or a Saint Christopher medal, or natural, and they are believed to have special powers. A talisman is often an engraved amulet, but it can be anything that makes you feel safe. At the holistic fairs where I have a booth, people flock to buy quartz, crystals, moonstone, onyx and agates from vendors who specialize in them. 

When people I love die, I try not to hoard their belongings, but I save one thing from each person. I hold my grandmother’s scarf up to my nose to feel her presence. I like this tradition, this connection, where some small thing I possess keeps me safe from harm.